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Pet Passports 

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The pet travel scheme (pets) allows dogs, cats and ferrets to travel through the eu and certain other countries based on a:

  • Passport
  • Microchip
  • Rabies vaccination and
  • Certain pre-travel checks.

A minimum of 12 weeks of age is required before rabies vaccine can be given.

Planning Pet Travel Post Brexit

Currently from rabies vaccination to travel is a 21 day wait with no post vaccination blood testing required.

With the uncertainty over brexit plans an answer can’t currently be given to what happens next. Anyone wishing to travel with their pet in the next few months, are advised to plan ahead.

Prior to travel:

  • You could be required to blood test 3 months prior to travel
  • Vaccination given a minimum 30 days before blood test
  • If you currently hold a valid pet passport and you wish to take your pet with you on holidays – check rabies anti-body levels 4-5 months ahead. This will allow enough time to re-vaccinate if levels are too low.
  • For pets without a valid passport wishing to travel, we would advise to book for vaccination asap and to blood test 30 days later. 

There is more information here on the government website