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Terms & Conditions 

Payment is expected to be made at the time of treatment. 

Failure to pay at the time of treatment will lead to an invoice being sent.

Failure to pay within the specified time period may result in your account being surcharged.

Attempts will be made to recover the payment.

If unsuccessful your account will be passed to a debt collection agency to seek payment, and/or pursued through the courts.

We aim to be accommodating to all clients, if your pets requires treatment and you are aware you may not be able to meet the terms of payment please alert us at the earliest possible opportunity and we will discuss options to try and avoid any unnecessary unease.

Direct insurance claims may be permitted on the basis that the insurance excess is paid before claims are processed and that the insurance documents are brought in to the surgery. Request for a direct should be discussed with the veterinary surgeon before commencement of treatment. We endeavour to complete and send insurance forms within 2 weeks of receipt. However, on occasion there may be a backlog of claims and this may take longer.

X-rays, ultrasound images and blood results are the property of Teilo Vets Ltd, copies may be given with suitable notice and may incur a charge to cover this cost.

Repeat Consultations are always  charged . Suture removal is performed free of charge for operations performed at Teilo Vets.

There are “ Out Of Hours” fees applied when an animal is seen outside of normal opening hours.

Every effort is made to accommodate clients and find available appointment slots and animals are never turned away in general emergency.

It is to be understood that every general anaesthetic carries a risk.  We will endeavour to discuss associated risks at the time of consultation or admissions.  We will provide an estimate of costs upon request, this will only be an estimate as surgical or investigative procedures will be carried out in the best interest of the patient at time of work. We will endeavour to contact clients if we expect to deviate from the estimate provided.

It is to be accepted that whilst taking blood samples, placing an animal on an intravenous drip or performing an ultrasound scan there will be clipping of the coat.

Annual Vaccinations   -   Please remember it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your pet’s vaccinations are up to date. Local risks for travelling pets are to be investigated and understood by the client, vets can advise on general risks in certain areas. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all requirements are met for all aspects of pet travel.

All cats, rabbits and small animals must be kept in a basket in the waiting room and all dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. The safety of the pet, the client and our staff are of the highest priority and this and this include measures   to restrain the animal including the application of a muzzle or providing appropriate sedation.

It is important for clients to realise that our patients can have the potential to be dangerous and the advice of our professional staff is to be headed.

All animals brought into the surgery must be accompanied by an adult over 16 years of age.

Medication can’t be dispensed to anyone under the age of 16 years of age, you may be asked to confirm your age.

All repeat prescriptions requests need to be submitted at least 24-48hours before they are required.

Our policy regarding re-check intervals for prescription medications requires that a re-check intervals for prescription medication requires that a re-check if performed at least every 6 months or more regularly as deemed necessary by the veterinary surgeon. The quantities of medications dispensed or prescribed are the sole discretion of the prescribing vet.

REFUNDS cannot be issued for medications that have left the premises. For legal reasons we cannot re-stock the medication however we can dispose of them at no cost.

We will not tolerate physical or verbal abuse to our staff or other members of the public of any kind.